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About us

Around Taiwan surrounding seas, moreover also has many islands, is one territory which is composed of the archipelago, the Island of Taiwan also names of “Formosa”, therefore in common people's eye the sea ecology's conservation work should be our one of education and national policy key projects. However, the phenomenon which the people saw before present, is actually depends to us thought that the fresh ecological environment, does not respect and the ignorant destruction very, moreover is getting more and more serious, for example: Crosses the fishing, the pollution, the place destruction, six kilometers to have a harbor, not, when the mole overflows to construct ......And so on, too numerous to cite individually, but completely does not take seriously by no means on its root people, but to this aspect knowledge and idea unusual lacking.

Therefore we discovered that must improve this kind of flaw (sea ecological environment care idea popularization insufficiency) only then to begin from the most basic place, that is educates.
Taiwan marine environment education promotion association (TAMEE) is produces under such condition, crowd of sea related domain family background's young people, have the sea affected experience, this considers arouses more people to show loving care for the sea the heart, hoped that union more folks the abundant strengths, to the sea enthusiasm, will spread to each corner.

We want to penetrate each kind of education the method, accompanies everybody to arrive at the seashore truly, arrives in the environment, knew that will be more, the understanding to be more, to have more moves, will be moved turns into the motion, will let more people treasure our marine environment together in each domain.

Service content

First, provides the marine environment information.
Second, handles the sea education related activity and the thorough study curriculum.
Third, execution marine environment or ecology investigation plan.
Fourth, publication, teaching material publication the sea education related.
Fifth, promotes the people to maintain sympathy of with the improvement marine environment.
Sixth, promotion domestic and of exchange event international marine environment.

Future prospect

Let Taiwan become a love sea, understand the sea, to treasure the sea truly the sea nationality.

Contacts us

Taiwan marine environment education promotion association (TAMEE) Taiwan Association for Marine Environment Education creates the human and the sea friendly relates in Taiwan society the character 0970104326th series to arrange 10666709

Website: http://twocean.blogspot.com/ E-mail: 這個email住址已經被防垃圾郵件程式保護,您需要啟動Javascript才能觀看 liaison office: 112 Taibei Shibei throws the district bank righteousness road 158 lane 16th facsimile: 0943-314-879 Director Huang Zongshun 0933-680-719 Secretary General Guo Zhaowei 0911-354-547

Supports us, protects the sea together

If you support the sea care, approval marine environment education important, please help Taiwan's sea by the most direct way.
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